Gas Pump Awards

Nostalgia at its best!  What a unique alternative to wall awards!  You can incorporate your modern event graphic on these timeless trophies.

    • Choose from 1920’s or 1950’s style pump
    • Two different award formats which include the top plate and personalized metal plate at the             bottom

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Rallye's Gas Pump Awards.png

Vertical Style
Black Base
2.75” x 6” 
Black Plaque 4” x 6”


Suggested Plate Size
3”x 5” or 3”x 4” with
1”x 3” below

1950’s Gas Pump on Vertical Base

Horizontal Style
Black Base
3.75” x 8.25” 
Black Plaque 5” x 7”

Suggested Plate Size
4” x 6” or 3” x 6”with
.75” x 6” below

1920’s Gas Pump on Horizontal Base

Gas pumps may vary due to availability