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Promoting the Hobby Since 1963 

Our Story

Since its founding in the early 1960s, Rallye Productions Inc has been a family-run business. Started out of a passion for Street Rods and Corvettes, the Genrichs' small garage-based company quickly grew into larger facilities in New Berlin and Waukesha Wisconsin. After Gary and Jan retired, their children Lori and Brian took over in 2001. Diversification enabled further expansion, allowing them to move into new realms of industrial and commercial digital printing; always staying true to their commitment to quality, customer service, and providing innovative solutions to clients' needs. Even as marketing methods changed, word of mouth remains an invaluable source for the firm's success. Despite challenging economic climates such as the 2008 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic, Rallye Productions Inc has become more resilient with each passing year.

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