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Our father, Gary, grew up loving cars. In the 50’s he loved rods and customs and was a member of the Mellotones car club of Wauwatosa. His involvement in this club led him to volunteer to help set up the timing lights for the Great Lakes Timing Association at Great Lakes Dragaway. In the 60's, his interest was corvettes. He became involved in the Wisconsin Corvette Club and ended up holding the office of club president. It was his activity in club events that introduced him to dash plaques and Rallye Productions.

Rallye Productions was started back in the early 60's by a young man whose main goal was to earn enough money to purchase a Jaguar E-type sports car. As soon as this young man had the money he needed, he sold the company to Gary Genrich, and another business partner. They both had regular full- time jobs but intended to run the company together as a side business in order to make a little extra money.

Gary and his new partner began to run the business in a single car attached garage of Gary and Jan’s modest home in the city of West Allis Wisconsin. These two men worked together briefly until Gary’s business partner skipped town with cash from several customers and left him with several cases of mail fraud to deal with.

After resolving the mail fraud issues with customers, Gary and Jan Genrich decided to buy the missing partner's interest in the business from his former partners father. This allowed them to move forward with the business, as Gary still worked full time as a Journeyman tool and die maker. Within one season, the business grew to a point where Gary couldn't continue to do both. He had a difficult time deciding on whether to take the safe path of a career in tool and die, or to take the risk and go full time with the upstart screen printing company. Our mother Jan, being more of a risk taker, suggested that he give the new business a real full time attempt, as he always could find a job in tool and die with his journeyman card.

They began a new journey together with this little screen printing company called Rallye productions Inc.

The business grew at a substantial rate in just the first few years. By 1970 they had the opportunity to move their home and business to the suburbs of New Berlin Wisconsin, where the business would be run out of the basement. This space was substantially larger than the small one car garage that they had been working in. The company continued to grow began to add a few employees.

In 1976 the business had grown to the point where it made sense to look for a separate building. Gary and Jan found a 2,500 square foot old warehouse in West Allis that they gutted and finished with offices and a workshop. We (the kids) worked at this facility on and off as needed through High School and College.

By 1985, we had outgrown the 2500 sq. foot building and moved to a new 8,500 sq foot building in New Berlin. This building had a substantial storage area, and plenty of room to expand...and expand we did...We added two more seasonal part time screen printers and an extra seasonal person in the quality control department in the summer.


During 1985, Lori (Genrich) Strobl joined the business full time after finishing a Bachelor’s in Communication Business & Art and started working in a sales/marketing position. Brian Genrich was brought in as a full-time employee in 1988 as a shop floor supervisor after finishing an associate degree in Graphic arts/Printing and Publishing. During this timeframe we designed our own micro-registration manual printing equipment, and then transitioned to semi-automatic pneumatic printing presses. We went from 1 full time printer to 4 full time printers and a split shift to keep up with the volume of work during our busy period.

By 1994 our business had grown to the point where the New Berlin facility had really limited our efficiency. We found our current 16,000 sq. foot facility in Waukesha. Moving to this building was quite an undertaking, but we did it ourselves, and were excited about the amount of new space that we had.

During our time at our current location, we added several more screen-printing positions through the years and then transitioned some of them as our process changed from 100% screen printing over to our digital options. We invested heavily in this early technology, and this area continues to grow as the world continues down the path of digital "everything". Even with new ways to sell product, word of mouth and personal referrals are our biggest selling force.

In 2001 Gary and Jan retired, and sold the business to Lori (Genrich) Strobl and Brian Genrich (son and daughter). We continue to run Rallye Productions as second-generation owners.

After the recession of 2008, we diversified into other areas of Industrial and commercial digital printing. This has been a success for our company, and we have continued to grow in new areas as well as in the automotive promotional marketplace.


Sadly, on November 25 of 2014, Gary passed away at the age of 78, due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease. He had such an impact on all of us, and the people that knew him. His passing has left a real void for both friends and family.


Since Gary’s passing, Jan has moved to an assisted living facility nearby in Waukesha. We occasionally bring her to some of the events in the area to visit with old friends.

In the last several years, we have continued to expand our abilities, bringing in flat bed UV direct printing equipment, Solvent Based vinyl Ink Jet Equipment, and large format routing and cutting equipment, offering more options and processes to car clubs and other new industrial clients.


To those that have been working with us from early on… Thank you for all the years of support. We couldn’t have gotten here without you. To those that haven’t had an opportunity to work with us yet, please give us a try. We will give you the same quality and personal service we have been offering since the days back in a single car attached garage. It’s where we came from, who we are, and how we continue to do business.


Brian Genrich


Rallye Productions Inc.