Grill Badges

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The history of Grill Badges goes all the way back to the early 1900’s when the first auto clubs displayed them on their new horseless carriages. They continued in popularity throughout the century for automobile, and sports car clubs.

These fine pieces of art have been in resurgence over the last several decades helping to bring some of the “old iron” to its true period tradition with some of the original style Grill and License plate adornments.

The tradition of displaying club colors grew along with club participation right from the start, through the roaring 20’s and then beyond into the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, and are now frequently used by clubs to keep their vehicles period correct, while still maintaining modern club affiliations.

Our Grill Badges are made with the same technology and materials that the original cloisonné’ grill badges were made from back in the day. Die struck Steel, Brass, Copper, and Nickel, materials with different finishes of satin, bright, plated in Gold, Silver, Brass, Chrome, or Nickel with either a Cloisonné look or enamel fill for your clubs design and colors.

These badges or tags can be mounted to either the car’s grill or license plate mount as was tradition, and are available with various hardware based on your specific needs.

Please contact us with questions on how we can help you come up with a creative Grill Badge for your club or association

Grill Badges Delivery: Standard 6-8 weeks      •      Speed Delivery: 4-5 weeks (additional 20% markup)

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