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Presenting The Official Automotive

Artwork of Danny Whitfield

Having worked at General Motors, Ford Motor Company, The Chrysler Corporation, and countless engineering companies, Danny’s love for the automobile is the highest among the most hardcore car buffs. He pours himself into his paintings out of an overwhelming appreciation for vehicle design, and his desire to capture an image in its most genuine form. His artistic ability is now well recognized having completed pieces for such famous personalities as comedian Bill Cosby and Jay Leno. Other Industry leaders including former Ford Motor Co. Chairman, Alex Trotman, and General Motors Robert A. Lutz have also commissioned his services.

The Danny Whitfield collection includes a large variety of vehicles both from home and abroad. Please take a look at all the beautiful options available to choose from. You can simply select your choice of his artwork, add your show information, and use it with any of the full-color products that we manufacture.

Licensing fees will apply to Danny Whitfield artwork used on our products.

For custom art requests or full art design services, Danny is independently available for hire at
ITEM 1-U-16 1981 TRANS AM  (Tomahawk- Copper gold).jpg
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