Why Choose Rallye Productions?

Clearly, there are many different options out there, some local, some less costly….and then there always seems to be someone in the club that “has a buddy” that can print shirts or make awards isn’t there?

Love of the hobby….. The biggest difference between us and your run of the mill local trophy house or local engraving shop is that we are just like you…We love cars. My parent’s love of cars is what brought this business into our lives, and our appreciation of this hobby continues to drive us to come up with unique offerings and manufacture top notch products for your events.

Knowledge… You’ll find that our office staff is very familiar with cars…Unlike the local trophy shop that probably doesn’t know the difference between a metropolitan and a Studebaker Hawk… Our office staff can show you several renditions of each in our online art library.

Giving Back… So far this year, our sponsorship program has provided over $27,300.00 in discounts and free goods that are given to clubs that have taken advantage of them. Next year we’re hoping to offer even more…This really helps thegrass roots of our hobby, particularly the smaller programs that are just getting started, and even for some of the bigger self-funded or fund raising events.

Responsibility… We understand the pressures that accompany ordering event products like t-shirts, awards, and dash plaques. We know that you have to be able to count on the people that make these products to make your event look good. Our Quality, Reliability, and ability to deal with unforeseen issues are factors that have made us the favorite for most of the larger National Associations and event promoters like NSRA, NHRA, and Goodguys, and thousands of club sponsored events around the country.

Engaged… We are SEMA members and keep current with what’s happening in the automotive aftermarket industry. We’ve been to the SEMA convention and consistently attend events like this to keep up with the trends, styles, colors, new designs, and how our industry is affected by various influences.

If you’re a current customer…..Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We do appreciate the car culture, and how it’s allowed us to combine something we really enjoy with our livelihood. To those that aren’t yet…See what our customers say about us, then give us a shot and let us make you and your event look good.

Brian Genrich
Rallye Productions Inc.
1-800-236-2036 x112