SAVE ON DASH PLAQUES with our Sponsorship Packages... 


We are continuing to offer our sponsorship program giving you more items to hand out at your show and lowering your cost on dash plaques. All car and tractor clubs or organizations are eligible for this program.

We have been fortunate to team up with RockAuto for many years.*

*We will NO LONGER offer these sponsorship packages as of January 1st, 2023.

Rock Auto Sponsorships will only be available for events taking place during the remainder of this calendar year (2022).


Benefits of Participating:

• Lower the cost of your dash plaques by $.11 
(RockAuto will pay $.11 of your dash plaque cost)
• RockAuto full color collectible magnets and flyers for every dash plaque ordered.
• RockAuto will provide a $25.00 gift certificate for their online auto parts store that you can raffle off or give away at your event.

• A minimum order of 40 dash plaques is required to participate in this sponsorship package.  







Please help us to continue this sponsorship by encouraging your members and participants to support this sponsor when in need of auto parts.





Sample Magnets


Rallye Sponsor Magnets.gif

Sample Gift Certificate

Sample Magnets

Rallye Sponsorship Certificate.gif