Presenting The Official Automotive Artwork of Bob Kramer

Whatever type of automotive art you're looking for; custom, classic, hot rod, rat rod or motorcycle, Bob Kramer transforms ordinary car photos into creative Custom Hot Rod Art.

Owning a 57 Corvette since the mid80’s, Bob was always fascinated with placing a photo of his car into exotic or fantasy backgrounds. Using this technique he found ways to create unique automotive art. Out of this hobby, Rat Rod Studios came into existence.

Licensing fees For will apply to Rat Rod Studios artwork used on our products.

custom art For requests, or full art design services, Bob Kramer is independently available for hire at

RALLYE Rat Rod 1.png
RALLYE Rat Rod 8.png
RALLYE Rat Rod 2.png
RALLYE Rat Rod 7.png
RALLYE Rat Rod 3.png
RALLYE Rat Rod 6.jpg
RALLYE Rat Rod 4.jpg
RALLYE Rat Rod 5.png