About Rallye Productions

Our father, Gary, grew up loving cars. Check him out in one of his first cars, a '47 ford convertible. In the 60's, his love was corvettes. He became involved in a local corvette club and held the office of club president. It was his activity in club events that introduced him to dash plaques.
He was offered a partnership in this business in 1962. He bought out his partner shortly thereafter, and he and our mom. Jan, went to work building a successful business based on something he loved - cars. Being the hard worker that he was, the business grew year after year.
As expected, our father's love of cars only continued...more corvettes (new and old), a 1935 chevy pickup street rod, and even more recently a 1946 ford coupe street rod shown above.
We grew up with Rallye in our our home and lives. We've also inherited his car gene, as between us, we own three corvettes, two chevelles and a '48 ford street rod. Growing up with the business made us want to continue our involvement. We both worked here as kids and decided to go full time after college in the mid 80's. We can thankfully say that we have been part of Rallye's growth and success.

Our parents retired in 2001, and sold us the business. They are thoroughly enjoying retirement. They actually have time to attend many of the car shows that we have produced products for. Dad can also be found visiting our plant to work on his cars. We wanted to dedicate this web site to you Mom and Dad - Thanks for everything that you taught us! Who knows maybe our sons and daughters might follow in the same footsteps someday.
Brian Genrich (Son)

Lori Strobl (daughter)
Vice President